Rising Above The Ashes


I have been around the proverbial block a few times now and on each cycle I pause for a moment to reflect on what I learned. I discovered that no journey is free of obstacles, and that different obstacles are relieved on each leg of every journey. The remarkable thing is that the lesson learned on overcoming the previous obstacle is required to successfully overcome the next, so never turn away from a challenging situation. Seek and you will fine the solution, knock on every door and one will open.

The Climb up

If we stumble over a rock, don’t wast time cursing the rock, we should study the groves and cracks on you way down, because you will need them to climb back up. If we become lost along the way and can’t find someone who knows the area, then find someone who is also lost and together you search, because there is always strength in unity, where you are weak I am strong, and where I am weak you are strong.

Lives we changed

The journey of life is not so much about where we start or the destination, but rather the experience, the lives we changed and the triumphs and adversities that shapes us along the way.

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