Our Approach

Our Purpose

All-4 1 Community Resources was established to be a catalyst for positive changes in the lives of those who are disadvantaged, impoverished, underprivileged, and devalued.
We assist in discovering and utilizing the appropriate resources such as training, education, employment, housing, spiritual guidance, health and safety.
We are an outreach for all in need, including children and young adults who seek restoration and rehabilitation.

Our Story

Our Mission

All-4 1 Community Resources mission is to make training, education, employment, housing, spirituality guidance, health, and safety, available and tailored to meet the needs of each individual in the community.

These services will empower each individual and the community at large to thrive, grow and succeed.

Meet the Team

Our dynamic team of mentors and worriers of faith, believes that no situation is hopeless. We stand on the truth that God will make a way where there is no way. The solution to every problem is already created ahead of us, we only need to accept the abundance of our inheritance.


Christine Davis


Christine Davis is a respected and trusted member of her community. She has always carried the mantle of hope in her capacity as spiritual leader and mother. She is also a symbol of safety and protection in her capacity as security officer. She stand firm in her believe that where there is a will to walk in faith, God will make a way.

Founder and CEO

Decenzeo Whitehead

Founder & CEO

Decenzeo Whitehead is champion for the impoverished and disadvantaged. He is a respected community leader and an entrepreneur who has provided services, assistance and employment to many community members. He is a spiritual leader in his church and a mentor to many in the community, including children and young adults. Changing lives is his mission and purpose.


Christopher Wooden


Michael an active and outstanding member of his community, he assist the elderly with transportation and is a big brother to  young adults in the neighborhood. He also provides a valuable service with is capacity as certified auto Mechanic. He is a husband, father and a disciple in Christ, who loves to share his personal relationship with God. He believes that we all need to intimately know God to keep His magnificent miracles known.

Next Steps...

Hear, O Lord when I cry with my voice! Have mercy also upon me, and answer me. (PSALM 27:7).  Click the button to the right and let us walk with you.